First 30 Day Challenge! Can you handle it?

First 30 Day Challenge! Can you handle it?

Cheer is a great workout! You need to be in great physical shape to really be great in cheerleading. So we will be rolling out 30 day challenges for our cheerleaders! So for our first 30 day fit challenge will be wall sits!

Wall sits are a great core and leg workout. To do a great wall sit you must

  • Have your back flat against the wall
  • Have your feet flat on the ground, about shoulder width apart
  • Your hips and knees must be at a 90 degree angle
  • Your stomach/core must be tight 

If you think this challenge is easy then you can either double the time or add some weights in your lap! Or if you want just a little bit more challenge then you can leave your arms out straight holding a bucket.

Best of luck in the challenge! We will be picking a winner for a FREE gift at the end of the challenge! We will be starting in the month of June 2018. Use the hashtag #tamelesschallenge @tamelessdesigns

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