Top 5 Items Every Cheerleader needs in their competition bag

Top 5 Items Every Cheerleader needs in their competition bag

It doesn't matter what team you are on. There are just some things you gotta have in your bag when going to a competition.

1.  Your Uniform

 This should be simple to remember. But! I can't tell you how many times I have been to a competition and SOMEONE on the team either forgot their top or skirt. This should be the VERY first thing to go in your bag. 

Another Tip? If you are traveling on a plane.. DON'T CHECK YOUR UNIFORM. We always, ALWAYS had to have our uniform, bow and shoes in our carry-on bag. You never know when your bag will be lost. Save yourself some trouble, please!

2.   Cheer shoes!

This should definitely be the second to go in your bag! Your competition shoes shouldn't really be worn around the streets so put them in your bag! You don't want to have to end up borrowing another girl's shoes....

PS. Don't forget your socks!

3. Make Up

I know, I know. You'll probably be going to the competition ready, but definitely bring your make-up. There will be times you'll want some touch ups. You're going to have to drink at some point, and lipstick doesn't last forever ;-p I remember having the glitter powder for our lips. Not sure if cheerleaders still do this but I was constantly smearing that lipstick!

On a side note, we did our make-up as a team. The moms had us go in like an assembly line. One mom did foundation, the next did eyes, then there was one for lips and last but not least hair touch ups!... It definitely went faster this way. 

4. Extra Hair-ties and your Competition Bow

You may already have your bow in your hair but if you don't.. remember to put it in there. And don't crush it! These bows now are so intricate and gorgeous, you don't want to crush it or get anything on it! Be sure to put it in something like those sweet bow boxes or clip it on the outside of your bag.

Also! You never know if that hair-tie on your bows will snap. Or the fact that you gotta put your hair up before you put the bow in. So be sure to bring those extra hair-ties. Not to mention extra bobby-pins, hair spray and any hair pieces you use. (Side note - be sure that hair piece is SECURE! I remember someone on my team losing theirs, mid-routine!... don't be that girl!) 

I remember there was always one mom to collect all the bows after each competition. This definitely comes in handy for those forgetful people. Just make sure that one parent is on top of their game and doesn't forget anything!


5. Last but not least, water and snacks!... or at lease money for them ;-p

Let's get real. Competitions are all day events. Some are multiple days! You don't always get a chance to step away for food. Sometimes those practices and time you compete are close by, and you won't be allowed to leave your team. So be sure to bring something to eat. You need to be on top of your game when you compete. You don't want to be dying of thirst or HANGRY when it comes time.


Some extras I loved to bring? 

Of course your cell phone, and charger! Long days for sure! You don't want a dead phone. I also liked bringing something like cards. Those days are LONG you want to have something extra to do with your friends. A change of clothes. You don't want to have to be in your uniform the entire ride home. Get comfortable after awards!


What do you bring to competitions? 




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