The cure to a boring road trip!

The cure to a boring road trip!

One thing I know is that if you cheer, odds are you are on the road.... ALOT. I personally used to cheer for a team that was an hour away, one way! So I know a thing or two about entertainment in the car.

I know you've got your phone but please take this time to get to know those people who are in the car with you! Enjoy the moment, and you won't be getting this time again! Besides, give your driver some entertainment to keep them awake!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE music. Singing along is totally fun with your friends. But, when you are on a looooong drive... singing along isn't likely. So, when we used to go on long trips we used to listen to audio-books. I still love listening to them! (Tony Robbins is my go to!) You don't have to just listen to self-improvement like I tend to... there are audio-books for all ages!

Oldie but Goodie! Al-Bet you've played this before!
Something to pass some time is this game, and it was a go-to for my family. All you have to do is go through the alphabet, finding words that start with the letters of the alphabet. Only advance to the next letter after the letter ahead was found.

The word must start with the letter!

*Quick tip, off-letters like Q, X or Z are sometimes real hard and can be a drag in the game. So if you find three of that letter anywhere in the word, it's a go!

Never Have I ever!
Totally fun game to get to know who's in the car. Go around saying statements of "never have I ever"... the rest of the car has to say if they've actually done your statement!

Example: Never have I ever been on a cruise! --- The rest of the car has to agree or say they've been on one!


Everyone picks a word that they think no one can guess what it is. Each person shares their definition and everyone else takes their guesses!

Guess the Celebrity!

Write a few celebrities down and throw them in a bag. Each person takes a turn choosing one out of the bag. They have to give hints to the rest of the car. First person to guess who it is, wins!

These are just a few games! There's other great things to do in the car like obviously scavenger hunt, license plate game, watch movies, or read books.. or my all-time fav is sleep! But when you're ready to socialize, choose a game everyone can join in.


What's your favorite game to play in the car? Comment below!


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