Top things you need to AVOID at tryouts!

Top things you need to AVOID at tryouts!

April is an awesome month for the cheerleading world. Not only is it at the end of the season, which means some pretty awesome competitions! But it's going to be the start of new teams soon. That means... tryout time! 

Whether you have cheered for that gym before or you are new to the organization. You always want to be on your best behavior for tryouts. You want to give your best at every practice and competition, tryouts are no exception.

These are just a few things you need to AVOID when trying out for a new team. So let's get to it ---

Don't show up late
Try outs are typically only a few hours long across a few days. You don't want to miss a minute of it! These coaches have only a limited time to watch each athlete, if you aren't there, you may be missing out. You may miss a key part to the tryout. Whether it be an opportunity to learn a new stunt, work on your tumbling or even the tryout dance. 

Besides, this is your opportunity to show off how dedicated you can be to the team. If you are late for tryouts it shows that you have a lack of respect for your team-mates and coach's time. 

Don't fool around
Tryouts are not the time to joke around. Sure, you want to enjoy it, but don't slack off! If you want to play around with your friends, either hang out before or after tryouts. You can also talk with them during water breaks. But during tryouts, you have to pay attention. 

Don't wear improper attire
This is a super simple rule to follow. Some gyms have specific colors or apparel you need to wear during tryouts, follow those rules. If they don't, you want to wear an outfit that you are comfortable in and something that fits. Don't wear super baggy clothes, or jeans or something that wouldn't be appropriate for cheer practice. Don't forget your cheer shoes either!

Don't be rude!
This should be a given ALL the time, but it's worth repeating. You don't want to be that person who is always bringing people down. It doesn't cost anything to be nice, so practice this advice often. Bashing others, and being rude won't get you any further in your life and tryouts is a place you especially want to avoid being like this. The others trying out and the coaches that are here at tryouts may be your team-mates or coach during the season. You don't want to start the year off on a bad foot! You want to be that person who uplifts others, trust me on this one!

Don't let your emotions get you!
Sure, tryouts are nerve-wrecking.. but don't let that hold you back. C'mon you got this! Go out there and have some fun, get to know your potential team-mates and don't let the fear of falling, keep you from flying! 

I hope these tips helped! If you have any advice for others during tryouts, leave a comment below!
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