These tips will get your shoes shining bright!

These tips will get your shoes shining bright!

We have all been there. Those perfectly white shoes are dirty again! Top that off, you have a cheer competition in the morning. So what do you do now? 

These tips will get those shoes shining bright again!
  1. Mr Clean Magic Eraser - Kick that dirt to the curb with a magic eraser!
  2. Tide To Go Pen - For sure, these handy little pens can tackle some mess you may have gotten into
  3. Wash with mild soap and water. For shoes that are just starting to a bit dirty, just simply scrub with some soap and water
  4. When you have some time to let air dry, throw those puppies into the washing machine with a bunch of towels. Don't put them in the dryer, just let them air dry. I wouldn't wash them all the time, I'm sure there is some wear on the shoes there. I only used this in the last case scenario

Now, I'm no professional in the cheer shoe cleaning biz but I've owned many many cheer shoes so I know a thing or two. It's not recommended to wear them outside, only on the mat. You can always get a separate bag that can attach to your gym bag. I also carry a glitter bag that has an awesome, large pocket right on the bottom of the bag that you can conveniently stash those shoes in. 

Its easy to throw some slides or flip flops on between practices and comps, be sure to remember socks though! Those shoes are not cheap, you want to keep them as long as you can!

If you have some great tips on cleaning shoes feel free to comment below with your tips!

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