These 5 Simple tips will make you a better cheerleader.

These 5 Simple tips will make you a better cheerleader.

So you are looking to become a better cheerleader? Well, I'm here to tell you that it's possible. All you need is some determination and hard work. With anything in life, what you focus on will tend to flourish. So if you are looking to become a better cheerleader, it's time to focus. Use these simple steps to become a better athlete.

1. Flexibility

It doesn't matter if you are a flyer or not. You want to have great flexibility. It's great to be agile and flexible for any sport. It helps prevent injuries and can seriously improve your jumps! What's great about flexibly too is that it's easy to work on and you can do it almost anywhere. You can also find your local yoga spot and take a class weekly. Yoga is a fantastic way to gain more flexibly and it really syncs your mind and body connection.

2. Jumps

Jumping is a big part of cheer. Not only do you want to work on your flexibility for jumps but you need to work on your height. What we did for height was simply jump with ankle weights. And do it often! If you don't already do so, bring it up to your coach. Have a jumping circle in the beginning of every practice and have everyone wear ankle weights. Go around the circle having each person do every jump (and then standing tumbling like a tuck or back hand spring) one after the other until everyone goes. The weights add that extra friction you need to build those much needed muscles to jump higher.

3. Tumbling

So this one is a given. You need better tumbling to become an all around outstanding cheerleader. So when you are in tumbling class once or twice a week, work the entire time you are there. Take it seriously, ask your coach on tips and tricks. Maybe they even have some drills you can be doing at home. The other great thing is that most gyms have open tumbling weekly. Take advantage of these times. It's a great opportunity to constantly work on that skill you want. Something you repeatedly do, and do it well, you will get better at. You build your muscle memory by doing the skill over and over again.

4. Technique

It's definitely great to have all these great skills, but if you are sloppy when doing them. You may as well not be throwing them. You need to have a clean routine to get all the points needed to win. No coach is going to put sloppy tumbling or other skills into a routine to compete. You need to hit it consistently and cleanly. So go back to the basics on this tip. Have your body right and tight during the routine and in every skill.

5. Attitude 

Last but certainly not least. This is probably one of the most important tips. If you want to become a better cheerleader, act as such. Your mind believes what YOU tell it. So make sure it's a great story. Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool that you have. So if you subconsciously believe that you can't do certain skills... you are never going to do them to your fullest potential. If your subconscious mind believes you can do any skill you practice hard at... you will succeed! So I believe in you, do YOU believe in YOU? 

Practice this saying EVERYDAY, seriously. Say this out-loud, write it down, scream it, sing it, tell your family and friends. EVERYDAY

"Everyday, in EVERY way I'm getting better and better. Everyday, in EVERY way I'm getting stronger and stronger. Everyday, in EVERY way I'm becoming the best cheerleader I can be."

I'd love to see your progress. So take me along with you! Send us emails, or simply tag @Tameless Designs on facebook or Instagram! Go get'em, best of luck on your cheer career!

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