Featured Friday: Nadia from Top Gun!

Featured Friday: Nadia from Top Gun!

On this Featured Friday I'd love to introduce Nadia. She's a Top Gun cheerleader who's currently working on her double. How amazing is she! 

Name & Age
Nadia, 11 years old
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What are you most grateful for?
My family and my amazing coaches.
How long have you been cheering for? Do you plan to cheer all throughout highschool & beyond?
I am in my 3 season of cheering. I plan to do all star cheer all through high school and even after hopefully be a part of a level 6 team one day
What team and what level are you cheering at now?
I am currently on Bang a senior 4 coed
What's your favorite part about cheer?
My favorite part is going on stage to perform, I get really nervous but I love every minute of it.
What's your least favorite part about cheer?
Cheer is truly my passion, I love everything about it even all the conditioning because I know that it will make me stronger.
What's your main goal this year?
To work harder and improve and and learn higher level stunts.
What competition do you love attending?
This was my first year attending NCA but it is now my favorite!
What's your favorite Cheer Quote?
Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying
How do you get in the right mindset to practice and compete?
Pray with my teammate.
What's your dream job?
I have several! I would love to own my own gym one day and be a coach, interior designer, and photographer
What's your favorite cheer team you follow?
I have say it is Top Gun!
If you had a cheer team, what would you name it?
That’s a tough one! Pink Ladies!
Lastly, what's your favorite color?
Light teal

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