MEGALIST - 100 Summer Camp Theme Ideas

MEGALIST - 100 Summer Camp Theme Ideas

Since summer camps are right around the corner. Many camps have themed days or if it is sleep away you get to deck out your cabin. Because of this, we compiled a list of ideas for themes!
  1. Hawaiin
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Disney
  4. Football
  5. Army
  6. Alice in Wonderland
  7. Animal planet
  8. Girl Power
  9. Going Green
  10. Game shows
  11. Hollywood
  12. Holidays
  13. Love the 80s
  14. Love the 90s
  15. Olympics
  16. Party in the USA
  17. Rockstars
  18. Super Heros
  19. Princesses
  20. The 60s
  21. Under the Big Top
  22. Tie dyes
  23. Tropical
  24. Willy Wonka
  25. Fairytale
  26. Storybooks
  27. Around the World
  28. Cops and Robbers
  29. Pirates
  30. Legos
  31. Royalty
  32. Survivor
  33. Fear Factor
  34. Under the Sea
  35. Mermaids
  36. Unicorns
  37. Opposites
  38. The Land Down Under (Aussie) 
  39. Trolls
  40. Frozen
  41. Secret Life of Pets
  42. Project Runway
  43. Under The Stars/Astrology
  44. Treasure Island
  45. Grease
  46. Beauty & The Beast
  47. Magic
  48. Boxes!
  49. Sailers
  50. Ninjas
  51. Shark Tank
  52. British Invasion
  53. Canada 
  54. Birthday Celebration 
  55. Transformers
  56. Ancient Egypt
  57. Racing
  58. Stuck together like Peanut Butter & Jelly
  59. Smores
  60. Greek Week
  61. Wild West
  62. Your (State) Adventures
  63. Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn
  64. Stay Golden, Pony Boy! (The Outsiders)
  65. Walking Dead
  66. Star Trek
  67. Star Wars
  68. Vampire Diaries 
  69. Vikings
  70. Game of Thrones
  71. Gilmore Girls
  72. Facebook
  73. Instagram
  74. Themed by Colors
  75. Rainbow 
  76. Ponines/Horses
  77. 101 Dalmations
  78. Fashion Week
  79. Hippies
  80. Black and White
  81. Beach Week
  82. Fantasy
  83. Ice Cream
  84. The Jungle Book
  85. Trapped in the Desert
  86. Christmas in (July)
  87. Valentine's
  88. Mardi Gras
  89. Mission Impossible
  90. The Glass Slipper (Cinderella)
  91. Cheer Worlds Week
  92. Dinosaurs
  93. Cast Away
  94. Time Travel
  95. Rocky
  96. Titanic
  97. Toy Story
  98. Avatars
  99. Pirates of The Caribbean
  100. Zootopia  

What was your favorite theme for camp? We would love to see and hear your ideas! Comment below, message us or simply tag us on Facebook or Instagram!
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