A Cheer Mom has a special job

A Cheer Mom has a special job

It takes a lot to be a cheer mom. No matter what age, level or team. Cheer moms have the most rewarding yet nerve wrecking job there is.

It all starts in the very beginning. Every mom wants the best for their children. They worry, they research, and always think whether or not they are doing it right. Moms are the ones who are there for all the tears, walking you through your fears, and the first to celebrate your victories. They are tough on you when they need to be and there to play when the time is right.

Moms are the first to build your confidence. Cheering you on for that first smile, first laugh, first time you walk and talk. Each time she cheers you on, she's helping you build that foundation. Your foundation is the most important part of your life. It's what holds the rest up. A house on a strong foundation is built to last. A house built to last can withstand many storms.

Moms are the builders, you are the architect. Your mom isn't there to hand you a blueprint of your life but they are there to help you make it all happen. They also help you make adjustments when needed.

Cheer moms have special jobs. From your very first practice to your very last competition. They are the taxis, the stylists, the keeper and cleaner of the uniforms, the scheduler, the atm, the teacher, the leader of your fan club, they make sure you're fed and well hydrated. Moms are there to listen to your life story and give you the best advice when needed. They want what's best for you and know when to step in to protect you. A cheer mom is there with goodie bags not only filled with gifts but with love and support for your goals in life.

Each cheer mom also has a bit of fear. Cheer is no joke, it takes some serious skills and determination! Will my child get hurt? Will my child fit in? Will they make friends or get taken down by an enemy? Cheer moms are there for when you fall and will always help you back up.

Cheer moms have an important roll and need to know they are appreciated. It doesn't take much to pay for mom for all her hard work. A smile, a hug, a simple thank you every once in awhile goes a long way. Tell her that you love her and include her in your life.
Because even though she is there to help you build your ultimate life. She won't be there forever. So take the time now. There is no better time then the present to make it known that all her hard work is needed and much appreciated.

Don't just wait until mothers day. It doesn't cost anything to make your mom feel loved.

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